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Designing game content architectures

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As game budgets expand once more, the success of a title often depends on producing large amounts of high quality content. This is not a trivial task. Mistakes setting up your content plans can easily result in panic, shipping delays, scope cuts, rework and crunch. Modern developers live on the content treadmill so we might as well embrace it.  For a long time I’ve been interested in content architectures, the tooling and data structures behind […]

User Content: Working with players to efficiently create profitable games

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I recently have run across a couple of articles that have piqued my interest. The first is title ‘Future Imperfect’ by Jim Rossignol and discusses how user created content in games results in a deeper, more meaningful player experience. Most importantly, he coins the term ‘the wikification of games’, which is a money catch phrase if I have ever heard one. The second article was in “Act of Mod: Building Sid Meier’s Civilization IV for […]