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Rockets, Cars and Gardens: Visualizing waterfall, agile and stage gate

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The further I dig into new product development practices the more I crave a simple way of helping folks new to the concepts visualize them quickly. In that spirit, I’ve assembled a little pictorial journey through the intriguing landscapes of waterfall, agile, portfolio management and stage gate. For fun, there is also a description of how you can apply portfolio management techniques to individual agile project as a technique for additionally reducing the design risk. […]

Project Horseshoe Report: Building Innovative Games that Sell

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The 2006 Project Horseshoe reports are out! In the place of my irregularly scheduled essay, I’d like to point you toward the collaborative report that I’ve been working on with our appropriately named “PlayDough.” We dug deeply into the issues around funding innovative games and ended up producing 18 pages of revolutionary white paper goodness. Click here to read the report. Now for a bit of commentary on the topic of innovation and business. We […]