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Latest crop of sweet prototypes (with source!)

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Update (6/6/07) Ezin has made the source to his delightful Flash-based prototype available. If you want a jump start on how tile layout and shadows work, this is a great starting place. Thanks, Ezin! Mirror: ___ Folks have been busy! The PlanetCute prototypes got off to a great start last week and there is still some great work being done with the SpaceCute concept. I count 11 glorious links to check out and […]

Thoughts on Silverlight, Expression and Games

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I just got out of the packed keynote for MIX 07 in the surreal universe that is Las Vegas. The event was set in an enormous hall at the Venetian with four cinema sized screens dominating the stage. You could see individual pores on each speaker. A band on raised stage was rocking out to sweet accordion music set to what appears to be lyrics about pickles. All around me are masses of developers, designers […]

SpaceCute: Extending the verbs

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There is one nearly idiot proof input gesture at the heart of SpaceCute. You drag and release. One would imagine that such limited input leads to limited game play. In fact, when I originally came up with the idea, I was imagining how a simple casual game mechanic might be extended to create an interaction model nearly as complex as something like NetHack. It should be possible to build a SpaceCute prototype that extends the […]

SpaceCute: First round of prototypes and new graphics

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The initial round of SpaceCute prototypes are in and results are encouraging. Both basic movement and some initial combat was prototyped. Each one of these guys is a prototyping superstar. It is educational to see all their different interpretations of the starting concept. You can download their glorious efforts here: Riad: Use game.xml to edit prototype variables. Classic gameplay. Harold: Use variables.rb to edit prototype variables. Check out that plot. Mordrak: Sweet […]

SpaceCute: Prototyping challenge

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The weekend is here and it is time for a short prototyping challenge! Over and over again, I’ve heard the sad tale that there are talented programmers lacking sexy graphics. I, on the other hand, can’t program a lick. So here’s a thought: I’ll provide some quality graphics and a seed of a design idea. All you need to provide is a working prototype of the core game mechanic. 🙂 For each prototype I receive, […]

SpaceCute: Some sketches

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Once upon a time there was a game design known as SpaceCrack. The setting, with its cool white iPod-inspired theme was a bit too niche. Here are some sketches of a SpaceCute theme. In SpaceCute, solar systems are delightful gardens filled with animals quite extraordinary. Anyone think that this is worth turning into a set of graphics? take care Danc.