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Shade: Prototyping Challenge results

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It is time to give out awards to the Shade Prototyping challenge! Every prototyping challenge I release is a grand exploration of a particular gaming system. The concept often sounds coherent on paper, but in reality it is composed of a series of small experiments involving movement, pacing, emergence and more. After every prototype, it is worth sorting through the experiments and seeing which ones are worth investing in further and which ones should be […]

Shade: A game prototyping challenge

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As a redhead, there’s a little game that I play every day in summertime called “Stay in the Shade”. The rules are simple: make it to my destination as quickly as possible while avoiding all possible sunlight. This involves hopping from shade patch to shade patch. The cost of failure is the dread Irish Tan. These bizarre antics were inspiration for a game design called Shade. As with any of the designs you find on […]