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Secret Life of Aliens: First Prototypes

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Harold whipped together some sweet prototypes of SLOA this weekend. He agreed to let me post them as an educational example of how prototyping works. Think of this exercise as speed dating mixed with the post mortems that you find in the back of Game Developer magazine. Update: I added the latest prototype. You can download it here Version 1 The first version of SLOA sported the core game mechanic, a simple conversation system. There […]

The Secret Life of Aliens: A Redesign

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How to make the stupidest game possible Several years ago I designed a casual game called The Secret Life of Aliens (SLOA). The player starred as an alien UFO whose job it was to explore earth and return with news about the natives. You could implant various alien probes and turn happy suburban dads into alien spies. Evil trench coat wearing Agents (modeled after Scully from the X-Files) were constantly snooping about trying to gather […]