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Prototyping Challenge: 3D Modeling Tool for 2.5D RPG Art

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I was creating some 2.5D art for an game jam recently in a perspective similar to a 2D RPG like Zelda. Naturally my next step was that I started thinking about how you might recreate this style using a custom 3D modeling tool. Yes, another art tool design challenge. 🙂 I’ve played with voxel editors in the past, but I’m not completely happy with the blocky results that they produce. So where’s a quick and […]

Prototyping challenge: Make a web-based 3D modeling toy

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I’m rather obsessed with user generated content, particularly art tools.  Recently, I had a wonderful experience with Realm of the Mad God.  Alex Carobus added in a simple pixel editor that allowed anyone to create sprites that might be used in the game.  Very rapidly, players created thousands of truly delightful pieces of art. Inspired by this, I set a design challenge for myself. 3D in a browsers. What is an easy-to-use 3D modeling tool that lives […]

Fishing Girl Prototype results

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Here is a story about a fellow named Andre, who created a Lostgarden game prototype, sold it for $4000 and started down the path to a new career in game development. Andre lives down in a rural section of Australia. Due to the limited infrastructure in the region, he makes due with a gimpy modem that sputters along, randomly disconnecting at the worst possible moment. There aren’t very many tech jobs in the area, but […]

Fishing Girl: Game Prototyping Challenge

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Earlier this summer, I mentioned that I was starting up a Mystery Project for local Seattle weekend coders. Summer has turned into Fall and the Mystery Project is still going strong. So we decided to kick off a Winter session of the Mystery Project!In this post, I wanted to do two things: Extend an invitation to any Seattle developers who would like to participate directly in the Mystery Project. Share some Mystery Project graphics that […]

Shade: Prototyping Challenge results

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It is time to give out awards to the Shade Prototyping challenge! Every prototyping challenge I release is a grand exploration of a particular gaming system. The concept often sounds coherent on paper, but in reality it is composed of a series of small experiments involving movement, pacing, emergence and more. After every prototype, it is worth sorting through the experiments and seeing which ones are worth investing in further and which ones should be […]

Shade: A game prototyping challenge

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As a redhead, there’s a little game that I play every day in summertime called “Stay in the Shade”. The rules are simple: make it to my destination as quickly as possible while avoiding all possible sunlight. This involves hopping from shade patch to shade patch. The cost of failure is the dread Irish Tan. These bizarre antics were inspiration for a game design called Shade. As with any of the designs you find on […]

Lostgarden looking for brilliant programmer in Seattle

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a mystery project Summer project time! I’ve got an intriguing new design that is best explored by the sort of in-person rapid prototyping that I love. To that end, I’m looking to team up with a talented programmer or two from Seattle/Redmond. It’s a bit like getting a band together. My dream is to meet up every Sunday at a local coffee shop, riff about what we’ve done that week and come away energized and […]

The Randomly Reinforced Lost Garden Prototyping Awards

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What a whirlwind of a month it has been. GDC was crazy fun, the latest beta of Expression Design came out at MIX, and I decided to take a leap and start in a new position at work. In the meantime, some great games were created in the last prototyping challenge. Let’s reward awesome developers You know what? I think it is time for an award ceremony. I’ve been meaning to do this for a […]

Play With Your Peas: A game prototyping challenge

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Oh la la! It is time for another game prototyping challenge. As has become the tradition around here, you provide the brilliant code and I provide you with a complete set of free graphics that help make you look spiffy. This game design stems from a peculiar fetish of mine. I don’t normally talk about this in public, but…how to say this. I have a thing for casual building games filled with adorable little creatures. […]

Tree Story wireframes

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I’ve been dabbling with quick wireframes to explain the design of Tree Story. There are two common ways you can look at a spec. One is that of the blueprint, a plan that will be rigorously followed by production workers in order to achieve the end result. In this model, the team members are followers who are expected to implement a list of fixed details, not innovate. The other is that of a communication tool. […]