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The Randomly Reinforced Lost Garden Prototyping Awards

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What a whirlwind of a month it has been. GDC was crazy fun, the latest beta of Expression Design came out at MIX, and I decided to take a leap and start in a new position at work. In the meantime, some great games were created in the last prototyping challenge. Let’s reward awesome developers You know what? I think it is time for an award ceremony. I’ve been meaning to do this for a […]

Play With Your Peas: A game prototyping challenge

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Oh la la! It is time for another game prototyping challenge. As has become the tradition around here, you provide the brilliant code and I provide you with a complete set of free graphics that help make you look spiffy. This game design stems from a peculiar fetish of mine. I don’t normally talk about this in public, but…how to say this. I have a thing for casual building games filled with adorable little creatures. […]