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Playground game design as a sustainable competitive advantage

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There exists a perplexing multi-billion dollar mystery sitting in plain sight of everyone who works in the game industry. Some of the top franchises such as GTA or Sims do not experience the same competitive pressures as do other titles in popular genres. Also unexpected is that the companies that originally innovated with the creation of a new genre end up dominating. Something beyond your typical branding and IP ownership acts as a barrier to […]

Paintbox games: Games that serve as augmented creativity tools

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In my job, I constantly run across people who claim they can’t draw, can’t write or can’t tell stories. They readily pronounce that they lack a single creative bone in their entire body. Yet when you give such folks the correct tools and the right social support, they produce amazing works of craft and art. Over the years, I’ve been thinking a lot about the use of tools to augment the creativity of individuals. The […]