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Book Review: 21st Century Game Design

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I recently picked up Chris Bateman and Richard Boon’s new book 21st Century Game Design. Chris is the managing director at the game design consulting group International Hobo (aka ihobo) and has worked on Discworld Noir and Ghost Master. Chris has been kind enough to stop by this website and I’ve always enjoyed his comments. The major contribution of his book to the dialog on game design is the formulation of a new audience model […]

A short interview with a lady friend: Why video games are pointless

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The majority of titles in my prefered genre, computer strategy games, are played by men. The few statistics I’ve seen put the number in the upper 90th percentile with a few notable exceptions such as Heroes of Might and Magic. This rather random thought floated through my head while I was at the local Dragon Boat Festival on a decadently hot Sunday here in Colorado. About forty of us, both men and women, were lounging […]