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Lostgarden looking for brilliant programmer in Seattle

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a mystery project Summer project time! I’ve got an intriguing new design that is best explored by the sort of in-person rapid prototyping that I love. To that end, I’m looking to team up with a talented programmer or two from Seattle/Redmond. It’s a bit like getting a band together. My dream is to meet up every Sunday at a local coffee shop, riff about what we’ve done that week and come away energized and […]

The joy of 2D avatars

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I’ve been looking at 2D avatars lately. It’s been a fascinating trip into a wierd little area of game art that I haven’t dabbled in before. Like quite a bit of game art, there is a very obvious craft involved in the creation of 2D avatars. It reminds me a lot of the techniques that went into old school pixel art or tile creation. You build your pieces just so according to a very particular […]

A Services Strategy for Casual Games

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Gamasutra posted up an article that has been bouncing around in my documents folder for a little while. The original title was “A Services Strategy for Casual Games”, but the new one is a bit more punchy. One response that I’ve heard quite a bit is that portals will never allow user data to be released back to developers. This is quite true for most established portals that have traditionally focused on selling packaged goods […]

The Translation Game

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The Rosetta Stone: I18N’s early best friend Online games have become an international business. In order to compete in the global marketplace, your game needs to appeal to players in countries ranging from America to Japan to China to Poland. None of these cultures speak the same languages, have the same cultural values or even celebrate the same holidays. If you are starting an online game company it is wise to starting contemplating the monumental […]

Pick your game community: Virtual or Real?

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I was just over at 4 color rebellion and a comment about Nintendo’s Wi Fi network as ‘discouraging community’ struck me as intriguing. The question must be asked “Which community?” The basicsWe play online to be with other people. They are more challenging, interesting and fun to be around than any AI currently available. Online play is ultimately about forging relationships. Two philosophiesAre you forging new relationships or strengthening old ones? Xbox Live lets you […]

What is the critical mass necessary to create a major world culture in an online game?

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So World of Warcraft has reached five million accounts. Good for them. You have a population that is substantially larger than the size of the Netherlands during the Dutch Golden Age. Now there was a culture that gave us some great fruit paintings. (And wonderful droppe!) Will online games one day give us a meaningful world culture? This got me musing about how major cultures of the world formed and what it would mean for […]

Massively Multiplayer Casual Games

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Kart Rider and Gunbound show the way to impressive profitability Pete just sent me a link to Dave Taylor’s article on Kart Rider. It is an interesting read on a casual multiplayer game quite similar to Mario Kart whose parent company is racking in $110 million in 2003 with a projected growth of over 127%. There’s another rather popular called Gunbound that uses the same basic business model. This time the game is based on […]