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Notes: Interaction Design, Visual IDs, Oekaki

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This weekend, I stumbled across three deeply intriguing ideas that I’m still digesting. Cooper-esque Interaction Design Visual IDs Oekaki Cooper-esque Interaction DesignAlan Cooper founded the discipline of interaction design in the 90s. His basic argument is one that you’ve heard here in the past. Programs designed by programmers tend to be for programmers and other highly technical folks. He calls them Homo Logicus and notes they tend to want very different things than your typical […]

ComicAll: A social board game design

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Here is a little social comic creation game that just occurred to me as I was day dreaming in the shower. I loved Tadhg’s recent post about interviewing game design candidates with a test and it got me thinking. Unfortunately, If I actually was in a real interview, it appears I would have to rush off to a shower in order to do my best work. Wet candidates…part of the trials and tribulations of interviewing […]

Viki: A visual wiki design

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Remember when you were a young and you drew epic images on giant rolls of butcher paper? The little boys would draw cool spaceships and army men battling one another in landscape full of tunnels, fortresses and lots of explosions. The little girls, with their surprisingly superior sense of color, drew fish, rainbows, and people. You didn’t worry about your drawing skills. You just doodled for the fun of it. The best part was either […]