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Game design as government

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(Apologies to Aldous Huxley) For many years, I’ve been thinking about game design as a form of governance. Game mechanics, rules and systems are comparable to laws Players are comparable to citizens The code and moderators that enforce game mechanics are comparable to executive activities. The act of game design is the equivalent of drafting new laws, legislative activities. Issue escalation and customer service are comparable to judicial activities. Each of these topics provides years […]

The child and the glass of poison: Our social duty to educate

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I was in a ranting mood today and entered into a conversation at work about legislation governing the sales of mature games. On one side were the folks claiming that it was all the parent’s responsibility. “Glory to the western conservative ideal and the American belief in absolute independence.” Bah, humbug. On the other side was my admittedly nuanced perspective. It is not that I disagree the basic concept of individual responsibility. Certainly good stuff. […]