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GDC 2011: The Game of Platform Power

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Here are the slides and notes to my GDC presentation, “The Game of Platform Power”.   In our industry, history repeats itself again and again, but each new generation of developers often fails to learn past lessons.  Platforms in particular have a well established life cycle and their relationship with a developer changes as they mature.    Yet, I regularly see developers completely caught off guards as their new favorite platform suddenly stops being their […]

GDC 2010 Slides: Convergence of Flash Portals and Social Gaming

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Here are the slides from my talk at the Social Gaming Summit at GDC 2010. It was a good crowd in a very large room. Gdc 2010: Convergence of Flash Portals and Social Gaming View more presentations from danctheduck. take care Danc.

At GDC 2010

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GDC has come once again. I’ll be in San Francisco and would be happy to meet up with anyone. Just drop me an email at danc [at] This year I’ll be giving two talks, both during the prime napping hours of day. The Convergence of Flash Games and Social Games Wednesday (March 10, 2010) 1:45pm — 2:45pm IGDA: Working to Death – Game Developers and the Future of Work-Life Balance Thursday (March 11, 2010) […]

Speaking at GDC Austin

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Just a quick note. I’ll be speaking at GDC Austin this Wednesday. Premium Flash Games: Indie Business Rant: I’ll be in Austin all week, so if you are in the area and you’d like to chat, drop me a note at danc [at] Update: Here are a couple of links reporting on the talks take care Danc.

Taking a pass on GDC this year

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I made a tricky choice this year. I have a 1.0 product in the mad throes of being released. I also have the other half of my wedding to complete in Tokyo. Hmm…timing, timing, timing. So I bit my lip and made the ever pragmatic and responsible decision to not attend GDC. Oh, the partying, inspiring talks and the old friends I’m missing. Bummer. Instead, I’ll be tipping back a frosty beverage in the privacy […]

Unofficial GDC Blogger Bar Meetup

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I’m missing the official blogger meetup Wednesday, so here is a night time location for Thursday. The real benefit to the unofficial meeting spot is that it is a bar. Unlike convention halls, bars tend to serve frosty beverages in a wide variety of pleasing flavors. Date: Thursday, March 23rd, Time: 7pm. If the conversation is good, we’ll likely go for quite some hours afterwards. Location: O’flahertys Pub ( in San Pedro Square. The address […]