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250 free handdrawn textures

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I was searching through my old archives and came across a set of 250 textures that I thought were long lost. Heck, they aren’t doing much good sitting on a slowly decaying CD-R so I figured I’d share them with everyone. Click here to download (4.49 MB) Use these however you desire. Mash them up, put them in your games. If you end up releasing a game using these graphics to the public, all […]

Download a complete set of sweet 8-bit Sinistar clone graphics

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Download the complete graphics to Iron Plague, a Sinistar clone As I dug through my archives of old images, I came across another complete set of graphics from 1995 for a wild Sinistar clone that was never released. I own all the copyrights and figure, what the heck. Some crazy fool who is still obsessed with the glory of pixel art might find a use for them. Complete descriptions of all the graphics after the […]

Game Post Mortem: Hard Vacuum

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Mining a 12-year old game design for innovative game mechanics. (Plus the complete set of 8-bit graphics available for download.) In 1993, I worked on an unreleased RTS game design called Hard Vacuum. Dune 2, the father of the modern RTS had just come out in 1992, revolutionizing the the gaming community’s perception of the possibilities of the strategy game genre. We believed that RTS games were the future and that we were the inspired […]