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Fishing Girl Prototype results

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Here is a story about a fellow named Andre, who created a Lostgarden game prototype, sold it for $4000 and started down the path to a new career in game development. Andre lives down in a rural section of Australia. Due to the limited infrastructure in the region, he makes due with a gimpy modem that sputters along, randomly disconnecting at the worst possible moment. There aren’t very many tech jobs in the area, but […]

Tidbits from the garden

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A few odds and ends have collected in my inbox lately. Video of the Princess Saving Application is up! All the videos from the night are posted up on My talk starts 10 minutes into the first video and lasts approximately 30 minutes. There’s also a bit of Q &A after all the talks finish up. You can get the original slides here.<a href=”” target=”_new” title=”Microsoft Office Labs & Engineering Excellence IxDA Event […]