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The Passion of the Developers

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A thousand little decisions go into the creation of a great product. Most are not in the specs or master plans. Instead, they are implemented by testers and programmers. Yet, these are the same people that are traditionally lampooned as geeky and out of touch with the target customers. What would happen if the developers possessed a deep understanding of their customers needs and desires? Suddenly, those thousand little decisions aren’t introducing random noise into […]

Design Testing: The use of addiction metrics to force rapid evolution of innovative game designs

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One of my goals with this blog is to formulate a ‘new game development methodology’ that empowers the little guy and helps the growth of innovation in the game industry. How do we build innovative, highly addictive games more quickly and with lower risk? Part of the answer is the rigid application of gaming metrics to the process of improving player addiction. The Legacy of Cowboy DesignersThe traditional designer is a cowboy designer. Modern game […]