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Small Teams Kicking Arse: Defining "HPD"

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The classic question that any game developer with an inkling of project management is bound to ask is “how do we do more with less?” A more pertinent variation is “How do we do just enough to make the game addictive while consuming as few development resources as possible?” Fate I was recently playing the game Fate by good folks over at WildTangent. It is a lovely little Diablo clone with a bit more of […]

Short Games rock

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Here’s a wonderful article on short games by the fellows who made Strange Adventures in Infinite Space: I like this design philosophy for several reasons: Innovation friendly: You can try a bunch of interesting systems and you don’t have to rebuild a dozen levels. Design testing friendly: You can test these games rather quickly and gather interesting statistics. Gathering 3 – 4 game play data sets per day from a user is a lot […]

A practical definition of innovation in game design

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Making a great game with limited resources is all about focus. There are a wide variety of areas that you can put resources into ranging from core gameplay to level design to story. The problem facing most new game developers is that they attempt to have the best of all worlds. That, my friends, is a recipe for failure. This little post describes the concept of game design layers and gives you some very simple […]