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Review of “The Art of Game Design” by Jesse Schell

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Recently I wrote a review for Jesse Schell’s new game design book. You can read it up on Gamasutra. Here’s a brief except: Though the elements of game design are well described, practicing designers won’t find a lot of new insights that haven’t been covered elsewhere. Luckily, the book also includes some more utilitarian tools in the form of 100 “lenses”, or questions that help you iterate on your current design. A designer’s job often […]

Book Review: 21st Century Game Design

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I recently picked up Chris Bateman and Richard Boon’s new book 21st Century Game Design. Chris is the managing director at the game design consulting group International Hobo (aka ihobo) and has worked on Discworld Noir and Ghost Master. Chris has been kind enough to stop by this website and I’ve always enjoyed his comments. The major contribution of his book to the dialog on game design is the formulation of a new audience model […]

Book: Raph Koster’s "Theory of Fun for Game Design"

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My charming (and tall) friend Lennart turned me onto Raph Koster’s book “Theory of Fun for Game Design” and I must say it was a delightful read. This book fills the ‘game apologist’ niche in my bookshelf. Every game designers, at some point in his career, feels the urge to justify his work to the broader community. We need more such writing that talks about what is good in games. Games as learning activities Koster […]