Limited edition prints

The prints below were done for my own pleasure.

Old Valentines

Every year I paint a new Valentine’s painting. Perhaps I’m a hopeless romantic, but this excuse express my love remains my favorite holiday.

Sketches from Peru

For my yearly trip to an exotic land, I visited Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incan empire. These sketches were fueled the glorious atmosphere of Peru combined with gallons of rich spicy hot chocolate. The tricky part came when I couldn’t remember how to say ‘bathroom’ in Spanish.

Sketches from Bali

Sketches from Sweden

The pleasant Swedish cafes (not to mention the sleepless, 40-hour trip back home) provided ample oppurtunity to rediscover my long dormant love of scribbling.

Sketches from Ireland

The Circle

Paintings for an online game

Bee: Children’s Book

Sketches for a children’s story

The Turtle Kama Sutra

This all stemmed from the question ‘What is the least sexual animal in the world?’ The result is a rather curious series that is as much an ode to lumpy people as it is to turtles.

Large boned folks from the Midwest has as much right to become educated in the finer details of love making as anyone else. Yet books on the subject inevitably feature rubber-limbed anorexic aliens. Are those positions even possible if your leg is twice the size of Barbie’s waist?

Unfortunately, the prudish nature of this series’ target audience made me rule out showing actually Midwesterners enjoying the Lotus Blossom. Awkward turtles on the other hand, are perfect. I have one made of concrete in my garden. He is, as far as I know, completely innocent.

Twisted Fairy Tales

After creating this series for a party in Denver, I am now known locally for drawing warped fairy tales. To set the record straight, there are plenty of cute, commercially viable creatures in my sketch books. I chuckle every time I look at the adorable little scribbles snacking on small children.

Originally, this was intended as a 10 panel fold out about 5 feet long. It ended up as a lovely 10 page bound invitation. I still hope to print it in the long form some day and have it framed.