Month: December 2014

Top 5 design debates I ignored in 2014

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Back in the 80’s and 90’s, when conversation about game design was first bubbling up out of our community of insecure practitioners, a few polarizing topics would arise again and again. You’ll recognize them: The correct definition of ‘game’ Narrative vs Mechanics Randomness vs Skill The importance of realism Casual vs Hardcore Many were (and are) merely the irritated observations of game players picking at specific games. However, with a flip of the rhetorical switch, […]

Loot Drop Tables

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Many games have loot. Usually this drops randomly. Loot drops are a pretty mundane topic, but one that almost every designer runs into at some point. Here are some best practices I’ve encountered over the years. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to these tips and tricks. Your basic loot table The goal is to drop some set of items at a given probability. Let’s say when you defeat an enemy, you have a chance […]