Month: May 2012

Looking to hire unicorn programmer for Spry Fox

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Hi everyone — my company Spry Fox is looking to hire a senior-level engineer/developer. If you are not this person but have worked with someone you love and trust, let me know! Job titleWe don’t really do titles here. Feel free to call yourself something amusing and/or impressive. What we’re looking for… Senior level engineer (five to ten years of work experience, minimum.) Can program both the front end and back end of an original […]

Prototyping challenge: Make a web-based 3D modeling toy

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I’m rather obsessed with user generated content, particularly art tools.  Recently, I had a wonderful experience with Realm of the Mad God.  Alex Carobus added in a simple pixel editor that allowed anyone to create sprites that might be used in the game.  Very rapidly, players created thousands of truly delightful pieces of art. Inspired by this, I set a design challenge for myself. 3D in a browsers. What is an easy-to-use 3D modeling tool that lives […]