Month: March 2011

GDC 2011: The Game of Platform Power

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Here are the slides and notes to my GDC presentation, “The Game of Platform Power”.   In our industry, history repeats itself again and again, but each new generation of developers often fails to learn past lessons.  Platforms in particular have a well established life cycle and their relationship with a developer changes as they mature.    Yet, I regularly see developers completely caught off guards as their new favorite platform suddenly stops being their […]

List of Game Artists

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A very large number of game developers come to Lostgarden looking for game art. (Apparently I’m on the first page of results if you search for ‘free game art’) Of those folks that show up, some are happy to find my collections of free art. ¬†A whole slew of other write me asking if I can make art for them. ¬†Unfortunately I haven’t done contract art for decades and now pretty much exclusively focus on […]