Month: June 2009

My top secret reading list

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I figured that it was time to share with my secret stash. I’ve been using Google Reader to tag interesting articles and publish them all to a single location. Occasionally, I’ve added snarky comments. You can find the entire treasure trove here: This list is updated a bit more regularly than my blog, but since I don’t believe in covering Lost Garden with link fests, I’ll keep it as a hidden secretive thing. So […]

Engineering Emotions: More predictions come to pass

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Back in 2007, I wrote about some hypothetical technologies like real time motion capture, voice recognition and biosensors that were on the horizon that would have  a dramatic impact on how we design emotional games.  Those technologies are now becoming mainstream with console accessories like Microsoft Natal and the Wii Vitality Sensor.  Others techniques like feeding player’s input into internet API’s like search and social networks are already easily implemented using basic capabilities available to […]