Month: February 2009

Review of “The Art of Game Design” by Jesse Schell

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Recently I wrote a review for Jesse Schell’s new game design book. You can read it up on Gamasutra. Here’s a brief except: Though the elements of game design are well described, practicing designers won’t find a lot of new insights that haven’t been covered elsewhere. Luckily, the book also includes some more utilitarian tools in the form of 100 “lenses”, or questions that help you iterate on your current design. A designer’s job often […]

Project Horseshoe: Multiplayer Game Atoms

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The 2008 Project Horseshoe reports are up! We wrote about how to diagram multiplayer games using skill atoms. Truly a brilliant weekend. The discussion was quite wide ranging and as a result the write up became a bit…long. However, the results should spark a few brain cells. Let me know what you think! 🙂 Best wishes, Danc. PS: There are some great reports up this year so be sure to browse around a bit.