Month: November 2008

Tidbits from the garden

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A few odds and ends have collected in my inbox lately. Video of the Princess Saving Application is up! All the videos from the night are posted up on My talk starts 10 minutes into the first video and lasts approximately 30 minutes. There’s also a bit of Q &A after all the talks finish up. You can get the original slides here.<a href=”” target=”_new” title=”Microsoft Office Labs & Engineering Excellence IxDA Event […]

Project Horseshoe 2008: There and back again

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I’m writing this on the long flight back from Project Horseshoe 2008. The last bittersweet night, we stayed up till five AM playing games and talking about games. The conversation shifted from the slow death of games as we knew them, to fresh games that will change the world, to the little tips we use to thrive each day. There is something distinctly surreal about chatting quietly with such an intimate knowledgeable group during the […]

Fishing Girl: Game Prototyping Challenge

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Earlier this summer, I mentioned that I was starting up a Mystery Project for local Seattle weekend coders. Summer has turned into Fall and the Mystery Project is still going strong. So we decided to kick off a Winter session of the Mystery Project!In this post, I wanted to do two things: Extend an invitation to any Seattle developers who would like to participate directly in the Mystery Project. Share some Mystery Project graphics that […]