Lostgarden looking for brilliant programmer in Seattle

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a mystery project

Summer project time! I’ve got an intriguing new design that is best explored by the sort of in-person rapid prototyping that I love. To that end, I’m looking to team up with a talented programmer or two from Seattle/Redmond. It’s a bit like getting a band together.

My dream is to meet up every Sunday at a local coffee shop, riff about what we’ve done that week and come away energized and ready to build some more.

  • Location: Seattle/Puget Sound area is a must. (Otherwise, it is hard to do the coffee shop thing)
  • Skills: Solid Flash, Flex or Silverlight skills. Previous experience with Java, C++, or C# is great as long as you are willing to learn Flex. Back end skills are also helpful. The project is ‘technically interesting’ and is best tackled by someone who is more of a programmer than a scripter.
  • Time commitment: 10 hours a week for about three months. Anything less I’ve found doesn’t make it worth your time.

I’d contribute art, design and Cheetos (organic or radioactive). If you are interested, drop me a note at Danc [at] Lostgarden [dot] com. Send along a portolio if you’ve got one and tell me a little bit about yourself.

Take care,


  1. Wrong place and time for me, but sounds like an excellent opportunity! I really look forward to following what you guys make of this project šŸ™‚


  2. Sometimes I wish I lived just a little more south. Then I remember that I live in Canada, and few things are better than that.I hope you post the ongoing results of this project. I\’d like to see how it develops over its lifetime.


  3. Not for me, your coffee shop is too far away. I\’ve been appreciating your gentle clarity for some time, though, and just gave you another shout-out here.


  4. Thank you so much for this resource! I was just messing around with designing an engine for a little 2D game and stumbled across your site! I'll be back in Seattle next summer if your still looking (hopefully my programing chops will have improved in that time!).Once again these are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, I cant thank you enough!


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