Month: March 2008

The Translation Game

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The Rosetta Stone: I18N’s early best friend Online games have become an international business. In order to compete in the global marketplace, your game needs to appeal to players in countries ranging from America to Japan to China to Poland. None of these cultures speak the same languages, have the same cultural values or even celebrate the same holidays. If you are starting an online game company it is wise to starting contemplating the monumental […]

The Randomly Reinforced Lost Garden Prototyping Awards

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What a whirlwind of a month it has been. GDC was crazy fun, the latest beta of Expression Design came out at MIX, and I decided to take a leap and start in a new position at work. In the meantime, some great games were created in the last prototyping challenge. Let’s reward awesome developers You know what? I think it is time for an award ceremony. I’ve been meaning to do this for a […]