1. 121?! As in, she got all 120 stars, then got them all again with different controls to unlock the 121st star? That\’s impressive!


  2. I\’m curious – I don\’t suppose you know your wife\’s Myers-Briggs type? I\’m guessing it includes Judging (J)…Either way, congratulations on her momentous achievement! 🙂


  3. James says

    I got all 105 (?) non-purple-coin stars, getting the end-boss star last. I felt pretty damn smug about that, blazed through the first one or two Purple Comet runs, then got my ass handed to me. By multiple levels. For over an hour.I haven\’t picked it back up yet, but I plan to… eventually. I *probably* won\’t cheat and watch the YouTube tutorials, depending on how strongly I just want to get the damn game \”out of the way\”.Related: I am so effing jealous that you managed to find a wife that\’s so hardcore. All mine ever plays is PC RTS games, and Puzzle Fighter. She\’s pretty damn good at those, though.


  4. We did get co-op working. The trick was to reconnect the wiimotes in the middle of the game. I enjoyed the co-op aspect, but it was a tad sparse. The freezing worked well, as did the star bit collection and zotting the occasional enemy. – Generally levels that supported co-op fully were a bit sparse. Mostly I watched, with the occasional interaction. – Levels with freezing bullets and rolling rocks were a blast. I must admit I tend to lean toward systems that let me exert god-like influence over the environment. – Levels that required multiple replays (such as some of the purple coin levels) seemed to demand focused single player concentration. For these I let my wife do her thing. 🙂 So, enjoyable casual mechanics, sparse content. Of course, this is a tricky balance since their primary focus was on the single player game. Is my wife hardcore? Her previous games include Brain Training, Nintendogs, DS Face Training and in interesting virtual pet game involving a pedometer. As I mentioned in the previous post, the last platformer she played was Mario Bros. on the Famicom. I will say that she is persistent (and more skilled than she gives herself credit for) 🙂 take careDanc.


  5. Good on her – now she gets to do them all again as Luigi :)(…and some of the Purple Coin levels are murder with that slippery brother 😉


  6. Yep, she went through all 120 as Mario, then the next 120 as Luigi, which in turn unlocked the 121st star.


  7. Goes to show that \”hardcore\” and \”casual\” aren\’t mutually exclusive categories.Also goes to show that someone can be as respected a game designer as anything, but that doesn\’t mean their taste in games is beyond reproach 😉


  8. Anonymous says

    Just to clarify, since I think I\’m the one that called your wife \”hardcore\” — I meant that as an evaluation of her general gaming skill. You don\’t have to spend tens of hours playing Gears of War or Call of Duty or whatever to earn the moniker, you just have to be remarkably skilled and dedicated. And getting that 121st star requires that you are, in fact, hardcore.


  9. Ah! That means she did both Dreadnaught\’s purple coin level (side-scrolling area on a moving platform where every purple coin must be collected) AND Toy Time\’s (on the giant pixelated Luigi). That\’s an awesome job!


  10. Anonymous says

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  11. I just played SMG for the first time the other night, and you\’ll be happy to hear that I wasn\’t very impressed. It was certainly a better game than Sunshine, but it wasn\’t great, wasn\’t worth buying a Wii for, and after a two-hour session with my wife (she was helping collect star bits and hold down enemies) neither of us are particularly interested in playing any more of it.This is in stark contrast to how revolutionary I thought it would be based on screenshots and gameplay videos and previews I read.I guess what I\’m saying, Dan, is that it\’s up to US to make a planet-hopping game RIGHT. 🙂


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