Month: June 2007

Tree Story

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I just wanted to share a quick design that occurred to me this morning. This isn’t a design challenge since I don’t have new graphics for it. We watched My Neighbor Totoro recently and my brain has been quite inspired by the scene where Totoro grows a giant tree from a seedling. I imagine that with a sufficient level of polish, this game might inspire some of the same feelings of delight and awe. So […]

Short thoughts on games and interaction design

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For some odd reason, I’ve been chatting more with people that are interested creating web 2.0 applications that borrow substantially from online games. If you see games as a technique for teaching skills and maintaining attention in a pleasurable fashion, I would expect this crossbreeding to only expand in the future. Why games are interesting to the web Website developers are desperate to have their users enjoy the experience of using the website. If you […]


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Here is a little painting I’ve been working on for the past couple of weekends. There are seven lucky gods that are celebrated in Japan. One of them is Ebisu, god of prosperity and fishermen. He traditionally holds a Tai, or red sea bream (pagrus major), an auspicious fish that is often used as a symbol of good luck. Just looking at this picture means that glorious things are about to happen in your life. […]

Latest crop of sweet prototypes (with source!)

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Update (6/6/07) Ezin has made the source to his delightful Flash-based prototype available. If you want a jump start on how tile layout and shadows work, this is a great starting place. Thanks, Ezin! Mirror: ___ Folks have been busy! The PlanetCute prototypes got off to a great start last week and there is still some great work being done with the SpaceCute concept. I count 11 glorious links to check out and […]