Month: April 2007

SpaceCute: Extending the verbs

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There is one nearly idiot proof input gesture at the heart of SpaceCute. You drag and release. One would imagine that such limited input leads to limited game play. In fact, when I originally came up with the idea, I was imagining how a simple casual game mechanic might be extended to create an interaction model nearly as complex as something like NetHack. It should be possible to build a SpaceCute prototype that extends the […]

SpaceCute: First round of prototypes and new graphics

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The initial round of SpaceCute prototypes are in and results are encouraging. Both basic movement and some initial combat was prototyped. Each one of these guys is a prototyping superstar. It is educational to see all their different interpretations of the starting concept. You can download their glorious efforts here: Riad: Use game.xml to edit prototype variables. Classic gameplay. Harold: Use variables.rb to edit prototype variables. Check out that plot. Mordrak: Sweet […]

Free game graphics: Tyrian ships and tiles

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I stumbled across a personal treasure this weekend. Tyrian, the ancient vertically scrolling shooter from long ago still happens to have a fansite. While browsing through their forums, I noticed that Jason Emery, keeper of the Tyrian flame, had made the source code available and folks were actively digging through it. My thanks go out to whoever ripped the graphics from the source code and posted them as PNGs. Somewhere in the mess of moving […]