SpaceCute: Some sketches

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Once upon a time there was a game design known as SpaceCrack. The setting, with its cool white iPod-inspired theme was a bit too niche. Here are some sketches of a SpaceCute theme. In SpaceCute, solar systems are delightful gardens filled with animals quite extraordinary. Anyone think that this is worth turning into a set of graphics?

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  1. I love it! I think my fiance would love a game like this. If someone were to cross a galactic civilation sim with Animal Crossing and give it a graphical style like this, she wouldn\’t be able to stop playing.


  2. …although I would recommend making ALL of the ships animals and bugs, and replacing that first ship with something cute.


  3. OOOOOOH!! OOOOH!! THIS IS SO CUTE!!! ESPECIALLY the LADY BUG SPACE SHIP!!! My kids would LOVE this!!!Oh Sweet, Sweet Danc! You have a winner!!–Ray


  4. Absolutely, Danc – these are wonderful.I just assumed that all solar systems ~are~ with delightful gardens filled with adorable animals!


  5. Let\’s not only knock out the graphics, but the full game!Hear, hear! Would love to do the programming (and help out with art and game design).


  6. Ben says

    Umm, I would be creeped out if that freaky flying machine was crossing the galaxy to blow up my planet.Jus\’ sayin…


  7. you developed a great solution to the space cute theme! it\’s original and will please a much broader audience than the ipod 50\’s previously proposed.and i agree that you should make all the ships bugs! as a incentive i will point a site with some amazing biological illustrations that could serve as inspiration for your space-bugs: the way, there is a wrong link in the directory of all essays. the link \”Space Crack: Planet Basics\” directs to and not to


  8. AJZ says

    I\’ve got an almost complete Dreamcast and PC game that would be pretty cool using these graphics, although it\’s currently using Ari Frieshman\’s (sp) spritelib space art as placeholders. It\’d be nothing to convert the theme over to somethng more cutesy and less \”shmup\”.


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