Month: March 2007

SpaceCute: Prototyping challenge

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The weekend is here and it is time for a short prototyping challenge! Over and over again, I’ve heard the sad tale that there are talented programmers lacking sexy graphics. I, on the other hand, can’t program a lick. So here’s a thought: I’ll provide some quality graphics and a seed of a design idea. All you need to provide is a working prototype of the core game mechanic. 🙂 For each prototype I receive, […]

SpaceCute: Some sketches

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Once upon a time there was a game design known as SpaceCrack. The setting, with its cool white iPod-inspired theme was a bit too niche. Here are some sketches of a SpaceCute theme. In SpaceCute, solar systems are delightful gardens filled with animals quite extraordinary. Anyone think that this is worth turning into a set of graphics? take care Danc.

Lost Garden License

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Many of the emails I receive ask questions about licensing my designs and artwork. In order to clear up any issues (and save me some emailing!) I’ve created this licensing page. When you see reference to the Lost Garden License, it refers to the items listed below. Basic License All licensed items use the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. In short, you can use and modify any images and design covered by this license provided […]

Cooperation War Challenge

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Joel Davis sent me an email presenting a classic design challenge. Your job is to teach players important cooperative skills as an alternative to beating the pulp out of another. The twist is that you can not force collaboration upon the player. The game must be clearly competitive in nature and should slowly wean the players off their ‘defeat the enemy’ strategies. The game is only a success if the player has an ‘aha moment’ […]


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As I sit here, listening to the Flame Trick Sub’s rendition of ‘Plastic Jesus’, I am brought back to their rocking performance at the Gathering of Developer’s Holy Lot back in 2000. “Sing loud. Sing strong. Sing like the beer in your hand was brought to you by the Lord.” G.O.D. created a trailer park of sin and gratifyingly poor taste in a parking lot next to the edifice of E3. The free beer required […]

Taking a pass on GDC this year

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I made a tricky choice this year. I have a 1.0 product in the mad throes of being released. I also have the other half of my wedding to complete in Tokyo. Hmm…timing, timing, timing. So I bit my lip and made the ever pragmatic and responsible decision to not attend GDC. Oh, the partying, inspiring talks and the old friends I’m missing. Bummer. Instead, I’ll be tipping back a frosty beverage in the privacy […]