Month: January 2007

Project Horseshoe Report: Building Innovative Games that Sell

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The 2006 Project Horseshoe reports are out! In the place of my irregularly scheduled essay, I’d like to point you toward the collaborative report that I’ve been working on with our appropriately named “PlayDough.” We dug deeply into the issues around funding innovative games and ended up producing 18 pages of revolutionary white paper goodness. Click here to read the report. Now for a bit of commentary on the topic of innovation and business. We […]

The game design behind the five things blog meme

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First, let’s start off the exercise with an example. Here are three things about me (because I write too much for five to be worth wading through), as requested by at least two enchanting human beings, Mr. Edery and Mr. Booth. Note the links to their websites and consider the form and intent of the entries below. 1) Doctor WhoTelevision was uncommon in my household growing up for a variety of reasons. First, it clearly […]

Some random artwork

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I’ve been doing some rather random drawing lately. None of them are large scale paintings, but they’ve given me a chance to dabble a lot with vector graphics using Expression Design, the program I’ve been building for the past year. Traditionally I’ve been more of a painterly fellow so it is quite fascinating delving into the much more mechanical world of bezier curves, strokes and fills. The best metaphor I’ve heard to describe the process […]