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Here is another set of free game tiles for a 2D Zelda-like RPG that I discovered lurking on my hard drive. These were created for a prototype title so there are only a few sets completed. These would make a great start if you are in need of basic graphics for your next great game.

Wilderness Tile Set

Interior Tile Set

Village Tile Set

For the time, these were rather high tech.

  • The shadow tiles had a total of three levels of transparency built in so that you could get a deliciously extravagant soft shadow. The plan was to have some sweet assembly code that shifted our 8-bit palette by different amounts for each indexed shadow color. Soft shadows weren’t even a buzz word at that point.
  • You could have objects on top of other objects. Instead of drawing a table tile with a candle drawn into it, the candle could be a separate object layered on top of the table.
  • They were drawn in Painter 2.0 using a pressure sensitive tablet. They were my first graphics drawn in Painter. I never went back to Deluxe Paint again. 🙂

All of this is of course trivial these days. If you’ve got a 24-bit 2D graphics engine, life is grand. I still get warm fuzzy feelings thinking about our mad plans though.

You’ll need to chop these up into the various pieces and then knock out the transparent color. It is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, but it follows the same basic pattern of my other tiles sets. You can use the test pictures posted on this page to see if you are fitting everything together correctly.

I’d imagine that if you are making a 2D game with any sort of wilderness or villages, these would be an ideal starting place and are a lot less painful than tracking down a competent artist. As always, these tiles are free to be used in whatever projects you desire. (I need to get a copyleft license available at some point.) If you do use the graphics, drop me a note. I love hearing about projects.

Download the files here (1.89MB)



  1. I am working on a 2d mmo rts rpg and these are perfect! Thank you so much! They are very nice looking.


  2. I'm taking part in to a four weeks long Finnish game coding contest (held by with a Japanese style RPG. These tiles help me a lot as I don't have much time in my hands, unlike many other participants I'm in a full day job during the contest time, and I wouldn't be nearly as good of a graphics artist anyway. I can do pixel work but these go out of my abilities. Thank you very much for these valuable freebies 🙂


  3. Thanks for the amazing tiles Danc. I'm making an iPhone game and the tiles look brilliant as a base battlefield.I'll post when it's completed.


  4. Amazing stuff. Perhaps someone could modify and expand the set to be useable in RPGMaker XP.


  5. Anonymous says

    These tiles are exactly what I need to prototype my game and also what I will use to show a (paid) artist the idea of how my game will look for their brief


  6. Hey, awesome tileset – Im using them for a project at uni to make a basic RPG. Unfortunately with the API we're using i wasnt able to figure out how to use the shadows though 😦


  7. Well it's 5 months later and the first release of the iPhone game is out in the app store. It's called Zombie Parade. You can checkout a screenshot here You'll recognize the background and the base image for the rock. You'll also see it replicated in the ice towers.Thanks again!


  8. Wow. Thank you! fantastic! A little bit oldschool, snessy and timeless nice!!!! Great!!!! Thank you. Working with it on a 2d platformer!


  9. Wow its REALLY MAGNIFICENT!I rarely saw such beautiful tiles, I would like to make a game with it, but my skills are still a bit weak.Really good job man!


  10. I am using these tiles for a Java project for tech, I packed most of the tiles on just a few sheets and moved them all up one pixel, because they didn't quite align to the grid. I haven't implemented the shadows because I haven't got much time for this. I have used slick 2D for the engine, so it runs in OpenGL, and it is very fast. I used the TiledD level editor. They look really nice, thanks. I still need some decent sprites though.


  11. These are Just what I was looking for to finish a private game i am making for my brother! do you recommed any game makers your self?


  12. I'm using the tileset in my upcoming RPG on ios.. MageloreLatest screen shot here heremagelore.blogspot.comThe blog is a bit old, will start updating it again soon.


  13. Learning some graphics programming. I hope to complete a 2-d fantasy game eventually and this style couldn't be closer to what I had in mind. Whether or not I ever progress far enough to use these or complete a project I have to say thanks in advance right now! I'd love to make my own tiles, but I'm no graphic artist and even for educational endeavours this is fantastically timesaving and could aid in mockups, pitches, etc.


  14. So, I've recently been toying with a little game idea of mine, and stumbled upon this post while browsing some Google image search results. Those tiles look gorgeous.However, your little mini bio on the sidebar surprised me more. I *LOVED* Tyrian as a kid. Hell, I was playing it just last year for kicks 🙂 Thanks for the memories!


  15. Truly nice work, the look beautiful, however a small point so others may benefit.The tile size that has been chosen 40×40, is not 2^ ie 16,32,64,128 …. this does not make it easy if someone is using 3d as 2d to draw the images, as they do not fit comfortable on a 512 or 1024 texture which is needed for Opengl and DirectX.but that said Fantastic tile set, the best on Google images i think.


  16. I solved your problem Trish. I made these tiles tileable 32X32 which is the standard size for games. I also added my own variations and put it on×32-with-additions#comment-14603Here's a project I'm helping with which will most likely use these graphics. The game isn't up yet but once he gets the basics ironed out we're going to be testing for bugs so we could use all the help we could get.


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