Month: June 2006

Erotic Mathematics: Lessons in Perception

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Eros ex Math 4 Digital image by Peter Miller ©2004 I was recently sent a gallery of erotic mathematical renderings by a friend with a remarkable nose for the obscure. They are certainly evocative. It goes to show how a little art training goes a long way in the pursuit of the harder sciences. Naturally this got me thinking of on one of my favorite topics. How do we create high impact experiences without […]

Community sites as games: The tip of the iceberg

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I’ve been looking at three quite popular community-based websites recently and putting together a few thoughts on the game mechanics used to encourage user participation and grow the communities. A site where people review local businesses and get questions answered by people in their community. A site where people share the results of their artwork, writing and creative endeavors A site where people submit, rank and sell cream of the crop custom […]