Unofficial GDC Blogger Bar Meetup

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I’m missing the official blogger meetup Wednesday, so here is a night time location for Thursday. The real benefit to the unofficial meeting spot is that it is a bar. Unlike convention halls, bars tend to serve frosty beverages in a wide variety of pleasing flavors.

  • Date: Thursday, March 23rd,
  • Time: 7pm. If the conversation is good, we’ll likely go for quite some hours afterwards.
  • Location: O’flahertys Pub ( in San Pedro Square. The address is 25 N San Pedro St., San Jose. It is roughly a 10 minute walk from the convention hall at San Pedro Square.
  • Directions: Here are the Google Maps directions.

The offer to buy folks who read this site a beer still stands. If you have any questions, drop me an email at danc [at] lostgarden [dot] com.

take care


  1. Ah, I know the place. I live just fifteen minutes away from there. It\’s just too bad, though — I\’m underage. :/ Meh. Maybe next year.Or four.


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