Month: August 2005

Space Crack: An artistic dilemma

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Cute or Hardcore? I’m a relatively decent artist. This poses a problem. I have the unholy power to skin Space Crack with an acceptable facsimile of almost any popular art style out there. The result is too many choices. So here’s a question for everyone who has been kind enough to read this blog: What art style should Space Crack use? I’ve got a couple of seed ideas that I’ve been playing with. The first […]

A short interview with a lady friend: Why video games are pointless

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The majority of titles in my prefered genre, computer strategy games, are played by men. The few statistics I’ve seen put the number in the upper 90th percentile with a few notable exceptions such as Heroes of Might and Magic. This rather random thought floated through my head while I was at the local Dragon Boat Festival on a decadently hot Sunday here in Colorado. About forty of us, both men and women, were lounging […]