News Flash: Game Designer gets the Hot Girl

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I just wanted to leave everyone tonight with a message of hope. I am a class-A geeky fellow. Skinny neck. Polar white skin. Black T-shirts that say “In Odd We Trust”. I spend my spare time collecting mint condition yo-yos and writing about the more obscure points of game design. The only person less able to communicate in a cocktail party setting is a theoretical physicist, and I’ve dabbled in that a bit as well.

And yet, despite all of this (or perhaps because of it?) one of the most beautiful women that I have ever laid eyes upon has agreed to marry me. She is smart, charming and plays a mean game of Mario Party. If she wanted to have a hot Latino waiter as a Latin lover, he would be hers. No questions asked.

Perhaps I wooed her with my long dissertations on the subtleties of the scientific method. Maybe it was an mutual appreciation of gelato. The real world is not a predetermined grind of stereotypes and cliches. Instead it is a marvelous collisions between improbable people, cultures and places.

Life: An amazing adventure where even game design geeks can be blessed with the love of a wonderful woman. Aw, I’m blushing.

take care


  1. you lucky! Since I\’ve began to work as game designer, \”you make me scared\” is the most recurrent sentence I\’ve heard from girls. So, best wishes to you both, and thanks for giving me hope 🙂


  2. Ian says

    Congrats!Be prepared for people to start asking \”so, when you gonna have kids?\” real soon now.


  3. Anonymous says

    \”There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage\”–Martin LutherCongratulations and Blessings to you both!Fuji


  4. Now you need to have ten kids!!(Congrats Danc, it\’s about time!! Now if only we could convince Lennart to do the same!! Poor Chantal deserves a legitimate hubby… ) –Ray


  5. btw, if you did have ten kids, you could your own game development company!! Think about it!! And your own playtesters… with a whole range of ages!! okay, I\’ll let it drop… 🙂 –Ray


  6. Anonymous says

    Congratulations!!!! I\’m the same way…I\’m a geek and my wife is beautiful :)Brian


  7. Thores says

    What is it with all this romance!? I WANT GAMING ARTICLES!Kidding : ]Congratulations.


  8. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. 🙂 Life is good. Gaming article are coming. I\’ve been working on a bit of Space Crack artwork lately so I didn\’t to post more design discussions this weekend. Hopefully I\’ll be able to provide the Space Girl pinup as wall paper. There\’s a fun essay coming up on the role of game design in packaged goods versus online games.take careDanc.


  9. Anonymous says

    Dude! That is totally awesome! I\’m extremely happy that you\’re married (although now I\’m playing catch-up on your blog). That is tres sweet.Sounds like things are going well. I miss our discussions, walking down to Haagen Dazs for a mid-afternoon snack. It\’s been too long.Take care and congratulations of the highest order to you and your wife!Bill, Susie and Cathy DeVoe.bdevoe at ottovon dot com


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